The Palestinian Authority (PA) is threatening to terminate security and intelligence coordination with the American Intelligence Central (CIA) following the Trump Administration’s decision to close the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) office in Washington. In a report on Israeli state-run Kan radio, a senior PLO official said the Ramallah government is reconsidering their ties with the United States and is considering severing security ties with the United States.

Relations between the Palestinian intelligence apparatus, under Majad Farah’s command, and the CIA had been in good standing until now; despite the tense political relations between the White House and the Muqata (the headquarters of the Palestinian government in Ramallah). Security cooperation includes constant meetings between representatives of the CIA and Palestinian intelligence officials, as well as the exchange of information.

The United States transfers millions of dollars annually to the PA security apparatus in the West Bank. According to the PLO official, this is a retaliatory measure, which has already been discussed and it is possible that a decision will be taken in the coming days. 

“Coordination is important for the US; not for us”. he said.

Meanwhile, the PLO representation in Washington reported that the Palestinian de-facto ’embassy” was told that it has until October 10 to leave the premises. Sources close to the Palestinian mission said, “We will continue to present our plight to the American public.”