On Sunday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas expressed optimism about renewing the peace talks with Israel, saying that if Jerusalem announces its support for a two-state solution, he will agree to return to the negotiating table.


Abbas Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said during an interview on Sunday in Egypt that the U.S. has agreed to a two-state solution and now it is Israel’s turn to announce that it also supports this type of solution. In addition, he surprisingly said that if Israel voices its support, he will agree to negotiate on the borders of the two states and the rest of the main aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Abbas demanded that Israel issue a public statement about its support for such a solution and its willingness to recognize the idea of two states. However, aside from this interesting statement, the issues that were not mentioned by Abbas are drawing attention. For years, Abbas has been saying that he will only return to the negotiating table if Israel stops its construction in the settlements and release security prisoners. During his interview today, Abbas did not mention such conditions.

Trump and Abbas

Trump and Abbas Photo Credit: EPA

About a month ago, it was reported that Abbas and U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the conflict during the latter’s visit to the region on his first foreign trip. According to Palestinian reports, Abbas confirmed that the conversation was not pleasant and that the American leader was very angry.

A U.S. official added that Trump yelled at Abbas, accusing him of trying to fool him. “You deceived me in Washington,” Trump reportedly screamed at Abbas. “You talked to me about peace, but the Israelis showed me that you personally have taken part in incitement.” The source added that meeting apparently continued after that in a somewhat tense atmosphere.