The PA’s Wafa news agency has reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas,  told a visiting delegation of US Congressmen yesterday that he rejects any “American diktats and decisions related to Jerusalem, refugees, borders, and security”

The delegation is being led by Steny Hoyer, the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. On August 4th, Hoyer’s office announced that he will be leaving with 41 Democrats in the US House of Representatives to meet with meeting with Israeli and Palestinian officials with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Abbas also claimed that Israel had failed to respect the “signed bilateral agreements” and “insisted on destroying them”. According to Abbas, this has prompted him to terminate the implementation of all current agreements with Israel, and is threatening to terminate any previously made agreements with the Jewish State.

According to Wafa, Abbas also told the Congressmen that he only supports a two-state solution. The members of Congress expressed their total support for the two-state solution and the achievement of peace.