The Palestinian Authority Chairman made a decisive statement against the kidnapping of the three teenagers and expressed interest in continuing the security cooperation with Israel. Netanyahu: “There will be more operations.”

“Return the boys,” Abu Mazen Photo Credit: Reuters

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen related today to the kidnapping of the three Israeli boys Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Sha’ar, and Eyal Yifrach.  He stated that “they are human beings like us and return them to their families.  The kidnappers are trying to destroy us.”

He stated that the Palestinian Authority would like to continue the security cooperation with Israel. “There’s no shame and the reality dictates that.” Earlier on, Kadura Fares, the chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, who was released as part of the Shalit deal, claimed, “What Israel is doing is not related to security. This is a policy of revenge.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with a delegation of world mayors visiting Israel these days. At the beginning of the meeting, he stated that “the IDF and Shin Bet returned dozens of Hamas terrorists to jail last night who were released in the framework of the Shalit deal. I commend the fighters and commanders of the IDF, Shin Bet and the police. They have done and are doing an excellent job.”

“From the moment we accepted the cabinet decision, we performed in less than a day a complex task successfully,” Netanyahu stressed. “We are in operational range. There will be more operations. These actions are directed against the terrorists who harm, murder and kidnap Israeli citizens and want to destroy Israel. We fight against terrorism intensely and Hamas will pay a heavy price for the abduction of the boys on the way home to their parents.”