In the midst of celebrating receiving 21 freed Palestinian terrorists into Judea and Samaria last night, PA Chairman Abu Mazen stated that no peace agreement with Israel will be signed until all Palestinian terrorists are released from Israeli jails. “We will continue our efforts until the last prisoner will come home,” he stated.

Celebrations in Gaza

Celebrations in Gaza Photo Credit: Reuters

“There will be no peace agreement with Israel if all of the Palestinian prisoners will not be freed from jail,” Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen stated last night during the celebrations for releasing 21 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons to Judea and Samaria. 

 “All of these 104 prisoners will be released, but we will be really happy when all of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails will be freed,” Abu Mazen added.  “We are committed to continuing efforts to release all of them and return them to their families and homes.”

 Last night, a total of 26 Palestinian terrorists were released from Israeli prisons to the Palestinian Authority.   5 of them were sent to Hamas-controlled territory in Gaza, while 21 were sent to PA-controlled areas within Judea and Samaria.  Senior level PA officials together with Abu Mazen received the released Palestinian terrorists in Ramallah.  After meeting with the PA chairman, the 21 Palestinian terrorists released to Judea and Samaria returned to their homes.

Celebrations in Ramallah

Celebrations in Ramallah Photo Credit: Reuters

Senior level Fatah official Jibril Rajoub told Israel’s Channel 2 News angrily that there are bereaved families on both sides in response to the objections of Israeli bereaved families that were opposed to freeing Palestinian terrorists.  He implied that the Palestinian terrorists have suffered just as much as their Israeli victims.     

 Yesterday, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition from Israeli bereaved families and the Almagor organization that opposed releasing Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails in the framework of the peace negotiations between the two sides.  Some of the bereaved families alongside right wing activists held a demonstration in front of Ofer Prison, which sought not only to prevent the release of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails, but also to free Israeli murderers from prison.