The Palestinian government’s minister for prisoners said that Mahmoud Abbas rejected the demand made by Israel to cut all financial support to terrorists, warning that the health of some of the prisoners on strike is deteriorating to life-threatening levels. “If the demands are not met, more prisoners will go on strike,” he threatened.

Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Issa Karaka, the Palestinian government’s minister for prisoners, warned today (Saturday) that “the lives of some of the prisoners are at stake.” Karaka called on the international community to intervene on behalf of the prisoners and pressure Israel to accept the demands made by the prisoners.

According to him, Mahmoud Abbas “completely rejected” Israel’s request that the Palestinian Authority break off all financial ties with the prisoners: “We will continue to financially support them. The president of the Palestinian National Authority clarified that he absolutely supports them.”

Karaka added that should the strike continue, “another group of prisoners will join the hunger strike.” He mentioned that Abbas continues to work with the international community and human rights organizations in order to improve the conditions of the Palestinian prisoners in Israel and to guarantee their rights.

The minister requested assistance from Egypt in pressuring Israel to accept the demands: “Prisoners will continue striking until their demands are met.” Sources in Fatah claimed that over 100 prisoners in Megiddo Prison joined the strike today.

Dozens of Muslims arrived today at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate waving pictures of prisoners while attempting to hold a rally in order to show support for the prisoners. The police did not allow them to hold a rally as they did not have the required permits. The crowd was dispersed without any incidents.