This past Sunday marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife Sara, visited a Jerusalem shelter for women who suffered from violence in the family.

During the visit, Netanyahu  promised that he would summon and chair a new ministerial committee dedicated to combating domestic violence and called for much more to be done along these lines in the country, to eradicate the entire issue.

“It is a mark of Cain on society. As a society we must not reach a situation where a woman or child leaves their home in a bodybag,” Netanyahu continued. “Not enough is being done. As a society we need to denounce this. The coalition and the opposition need to unite because this is something common to all of us and it is a stain on society,” he said.

Yet something happened that is very bothersome.

 Last Wednesday, the Knesset proposed to establish a parliamentary inquiry commission with regard to violence against women. The motion was defeated by 59 votes to 56.

Among those that voted ”No” was the PM himself, explaining it as ”because the bill was initiated by the opposition”.

Mr. Prime Minister, politics has no place when it comes to helping women facing abuse.

I have no reason to question your desire to help these unfortunate women, but shame on you for allowing politics to obstruct it.