After years of censorship, photographs of the construction of the reactor, and detailed drawings of the facility are being published. The project, then called the “Negev Public Center”, was built alongside the French and the British in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s, and the architects that built the reactor photographed it.

The nuclear reactor in Dimona has always been considered a great Israeli secret, but now 50 years after its creation, photographs exposing how it looked to build the reactor have been published.

Rare photographs of the Nuclear Research Compound in Dimona have just been released. The photos show drawings of the compound and the first steps of construction of the reactor. All the photographs were taken before the buildings were occupied.

Architectural plans

Architectural plans Photography: Channel 2 News

The project was then called the “Negev Public Center” as a cover. Architect, Professor Dan Eytan said that his office won a secret auction for the place in the late 1950’s, but since the completion of the building has not visited it. He hopes that the revelation of the photos will relieve the ambiguity surrounding the facility and enable him to visit and admire it for once. 

Architectural planning

Architectural planning Photography: Channel 2 News

Dimona's Nuclear Reactor

Dimona’s Nuclear Reactor Photography: Channel 2 News