Hours after his release from Ma’asiyahu Prison, the former prime minister took a stroll with his security guards at a shopping mall in Tel Aviv. Earlier today, Olmert asked President Reuven Rivlin to cancel his parole restrictions, which forbid him from leaving the country. He is also expected to report to a police station twice a month and to meet regularly with a social worker.

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Olmert enjoys his first shopping spree as a free man: A few hours after he was released from Ma’asiyahu Prison, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived today (Sunday) at a shopping mall in Tel Aviv with an entourage. In video footage recorded by passersby, Olmert can be seen walking around with his security guards at the TLV Fashion Mall and strolling through the shops- among them Billabong and Bershka.

Earlier today, Olmert appealed to President Reuven Reuven Rivlin to lift the restrictions on his discharge; despite his release from prison, Olmert is still recognized as a “licensed prisoner” and is therefore not completely free.

Olmert accompanied by security guards

Olmert accompanied by security guards Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As long as he remains a licensed prisoner, Olmert will have to report twice a month- at the beginning of every first and third week- to a local police station. He is also forbidden to travel abroad and will be required to meet once a week with a social worker with the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority until the completion of his sentence in May 2018. In addition, Olmert has promised that after his release, he will be volunteering with two non-profit organizations run by Rabbi Firer.