The denial of the Holocaust is prevalent in the Arab world. A survey conducted recently  by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) revealed that among those interviewed in the Arab Middle East who had heard of the Holocaust only 38% said they had heard about the atrocities and “believe the historical narrative “. While 63% of respondents said they heard about the Holocaust and think “it’s a myth or it has been greatly exaggerated.”

Interestingly, this abhorrent denial was called out by Dr. Mohammad Alissa, secretary-general of the Arab World League. Who chastised them by saying, “True Islam is against these crimes. It ranks them at the highest level of criminal sanctions and among the worst human atrocities ever. One wonders who would make sense, sympathize or even minimize the scope of this brutal crime”.

Allisa also expressed that “our great sympathy goes out to the victims of the Holocaust, an incident that has made mankind tremble in his heart, and created an event whose horrors for a fair or passionate mind can not be denied or minimized. the peace “.

The Arab World League is a non-governmental organization of Sunni scholars based in Mecca.  According to its website, their main donor is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,