Today, during a court hearing in Albania, two defendants pleaded guilty to planning a terror attack during last year’s soccer match between the national teams of Israel and Albania.

Terror attack thwarted

Terror attack thwarted Photo credit: Reuters /Israel News Company

Today (Wednesday), two Kosovo citizens admitted to planning a terror attack during last year’s soccer match between Israel and Albania in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Only days before the match, local police arrested 19 suspects that were in contact with ISIS and were planning to commit another terror attack in the neighboring country of Kosovo. Indictments were filed against nine of the suspects.

Albania’s Attorney General stated that some of the suspects were maintaining ties with Kosovo Albanian ISIS recruiter Lavdrim Muhaxheri who instructed the terror cell on how to commit the attack. According to the police, Muhaxheri was killed in June. During the trial, one of the defendants pleaded guilty after the police located half a kilo of explosives in his home. Another defendant also pleaded guilty.

According to the Kosovo Police, the terror threat was thwarted at the last moment after authorities received specific intelligence. Police located explosives, weapons, smart electronic devices as well as radical religious reading material during the raids of the suspects’ homes.