According to an Aleppo resident, the images emerging from Aleppo that show locals rejoicing the Syrian Army’s victory are far from the actual reality: thousands of people are hiding from the Syrian Army in shelters, there is a serious lack of food supply and the airstrikes have not ceased.

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Rebel forces in Syria announced today (Tuesday) that they have completely pulled out of Aleppo after the Syrian Army retook the city. Earlier today, images emerging from the city showed residents rejoicing and celebrating the Syrian Army’s victory and the expulsion of the rebel forces. However, according to an Aleppo resident, the image that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is trying to portray in the city is far from the reality.

“They [thousands of residents] are hiding in shelters and apartments,” Mot’ir told Channel 2 Online in an exclusive interview. “People are looking for food.” Mot’ir added that the battles are still ongoing despite the media reports. “The shelling has not stopped,” said Mot’ir. “It’s all the time and the people are frightened by the regime, they don’t want to be killed or executed like what happened to many people like two days ago.”

Aleppo (archive)

Aleppo (archive) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Aleppo resident said that many are taking advantage of the recent developments by fleeing the city toward the Turkish border. During the interview, Moti’ir called for the world to put an end to the suffering in the city, saying that he is even prepared to talk to the Israeli media in order to get his message across.

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