The signs, reportedly written in not-so-perfect Hebrew, are believed to be an attempt by Hezbollah at psychological warfare against the IDF, according to the Israeli media.

A number of signs taunting the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have appeared on the Lebanese border. The signs were placed at points where Israeli troops regularly patrol.

“If you don’t trust your Ground Forces, who were beaten in Lebanon, you need to send them to your search-and-rescue forces. You’ll need them,” the signs reads

The signs also feature a collage of Israeli tanks on fire and IDF soldiers caught crying.

Israeli authorities suspect that signs were placed by Hezbollah, as an attempt at psychological warfare against the IDF. This speculation is backed by the fact that photos of the signs were shared by news websites believed to be affiliated with the organization.

The signs’ text refers to a report aired Sunday on Israel’s Channel 13 news about a document filed by two Israeli opposition MKs accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “not believing in the Ground Forces.”

The report, written by Yesh Atid MK Ofer Shelah and Labor MK Omer Barlev, who lead a subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, was prepared in response to former military ombudsman Maj. Gen. Yitzhak Brick’s warnings regarding the combat readiness of the IDF. The IDF reportedly rejected Brick’s assertions and maintained it is ready for war.

Source: Sputnik News Agency