The Economic Affairs Committee on Thursday approve a measure that all passengers entering Israel from abroad would need to present a negative coronavirus test performed within 72 hours of take-off, or present a “recovering or “inoculated” certificate issued on behalf of the Health Ministry. Failure to provide a negative test will result in a NIS 2,500 fine.

The decision is scheduled to go into effect at midnight between Friday and Saturday in order to give airlines and passengers ample time to prepare.

“This government is in one big panic. The Ben Gurion Airport fiasco is a national fiasco that will be investigated and examined by an inquiry commission that will surely be established. All the corona and all its mutations were imported through Ben Gurion Airport,” said MK Boaz Toporovsky

“They wanted to bring the decision for approval in the middle of the night to avoid a public debate and to allow people to arrive. It’s good that it happened and we will vote in favor of it, but it’s a shame that it happened after 4,000 deaths,” he said.