Israeli fighter jets targeted a research center near Damascus early Wednesday morning, according to Syrian media outlets. The Syrian Army claims that the fighter jets were operating from Lebanese airspace.

IAF jet

IAF jet Photo Credit: Yissachar Ruas/TPS

Syrian media outlets reported early Wednesday morning that army forces have responded to an Israeli airstrike near Damascus. The media outlets said that the “act of Israeli aggression” targeted a research center in Jemraya. According to the Syrian Army, the aircraft fired on the site from Lebanon’s airspace.

Syrian air defense forces shot several missiles at the alleged Israeli fighter jets and the missiles that they supposedly fired toward the site. The incident reportedly took place around 4:00 AM. Syria accused Israel of attacking the same site in 2013 and 2017, the Al-Hayat newspaper noted.

Last week, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned that the next Israeli airstrike in Syria will be answered with missile fire toward Ben Gurion Airport, according to a Russian government news agency. Assad reportedly said this during a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who then said he would pass the message on to Israel.

About a month ago, a series of alleged Israeli airstrikes north of Damascus were reported by Syrian media and later confirmed by the Syrian Army. The reports claimed that one of the airstrikes had been done from Lebanon’s airspace and two others from Israel’s territory. There was no Israeli confirmation of these reports.