American BDS activist Ra’ad Jarar was met with an unusual welcome at Ben Gurion International Airport this evening (Monday) after Jarar’s decade-long career as anti-Israel BDS activist caught Israel’s attention. Given a recent change in Israel’s strategic policy regarding BDS, Jarar was prohibited from entering the very country he boycotts.

Anti-Israel Protest at the University of Minnesota (Archives)

Anti-Israel Protest at the University of Minnesota (Archives) Photo Credit: MN Daily/Channel 2 News

An American BDS activist, Ra’ad Jarar was denied entry into Israel today (Monday), per Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s recommendation.

39-year-old Jarar has been an active member of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for over a decade and has held leadership roles within a number of publicly anti-Israel organizations, such as anti-Israel Quaker lobby American Friends of Service Committee and Amnesty International.

Jarar landed in Israel Monday evening as part of an Interfaith Peace Builders delegation, but upon arriving at Ben Gurion International Airport, he was detained and denied entry. Last year, Erdan and MK Aryeh Deri pushed forth a reformation of Israel’s strategic policy regarding BDS and its activists: Denial of entry.

Minister Erdan

Minister Erdan Photo Credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

After being faced with Israel’s new BDS policy, Jarar tweeted: “Just denied entry to Israel. More details soon.”

In light of Jarar’s failed attempt to enter the very state he calls to boycott, Erdan explained the policy, stating that “anyone who acts against the State of Israel must understand that reality has changed…no sane country would allow entry to boycott operatives who want to harm and isolate it.”