In an effort to support the Salomon family following the murderous terror attack in Halamish, a Jewish student from Florida opened a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $60,000. So far, Katz has received $50,000 in donations from hundreds of private individuals in a matter of days.

The graphic scene of the Halamish terror attack

The graphic scene of the Halamish terror attack Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

An initiative by Jacob Katz, a Jewish student from Florida, to raise $60,000 to help Michal Salomon and her family after the murderous terror attack in Halamish has so far garnered great support: close to $50,000 has been raised by hundreds of private donations.

In addition to the money Katz will send to the Salomon family which lost its patriarch Yosef, and his two children, Elad and Chaya, the donors will also send personal letters to the family. Hundreds of people posted their condolences and prayers on the donation project’s page on the GoFundMe website.

The Salomon GoFundMe page

The Salomon GoFundMe page Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

 “However, this is not a political statement. We, as a unified people, are now left to pick up the pieces,” Katz clarified on the donation page. “Murdered in cold blood, Elad Salomon, 36, left behind his wife and their 5 children. Though finances may not be at the forefront of their minds today, we must do our best to ensure this is one less uphill battle they must fight.

Jacob Katz

Jacob Katz Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

Katz stated on the page that he is working with the OneFamily organization which provides financial and emotional support to bereaved families and victims of terror. The organization will be responsible for assisting the Salomon family as part of Katz’s initiative. Jacob, who spent the past year at the Oryata Yeshiva in Jerusalem, plans to return to Israel next month to join the IDF.