African-Americans, American Muslims, Hispanics and members of the LGBT community have reported experiencing unusual levels of harassment on the day after Donald Trump became president-elect.

“Black lives don’t matter – and neither do your votes” Photo Credit: Twitter / Channel 2 News

Twitter has been filled with tweets by African-Americans, Muslim-Americans, Hispanics, members of the LGBT community and others who have reported being harassed or attacked on the day after the U.S. elections. In many instances, the harassments were reportedly accompanied by a direct reference to Donald Trump or his campaign slogan: “Make America great again.”

In dozens of tweets, African-Americans told about cases where they were referred to using the N-word, in addition to allusions to slavery and calls telling them to “go back to Africa.” According to a school principal in Pensylvania, a group of white children started chanting “Cotton Picker, You’re a Nigger, Heil Hitler” at the black kids; in a University in North Carolina, the campus police is investigating an incident where students ran down the halls screaming the N-word; and on a bus in Queens, New York, a young African-American woman claimed that a white woman wondered out loud why the black people weren’t going to the back of the bus, adding: “Like, Trump is president!”

Wore a hijab - and was attacked with a knife

Wore a hijab – and was attacked with a knife Photo Credit: Twitter / Channel 2 News

Meanwhile, Hispanics have also reported unusual incidents, as one young Hispanic woman claimed she was approached by an older white man who said that he couldn’t wait for the moment Trump would give the order to rape them and throw them over the wall, only before throwing a glass of water in her face and fleeing the scene. Another man claimed that someone yelled at his Hispanic coworker from a passing car to “go back where you came from.”

Afraid to wear a hijab

Afraid to wear a hijab Photo Credit: Twitter / Channel 2 News

Yesterday, as reported on JOL News, many American Muslims started tweeting about their fear now that Donald Trump has become the new president-elect, and the trend continued today. In one such tweet, a man claimed that three of his Muslim friends arrived at school without a hijab for the first time out of fear. Meanwhile, other American Muslim women have reported being mugged or violently attacked.

“Gay families – burn in hell.” Photo Credit: Twitter / Channel 2 News

The LGBT community also apparently received its share of harassment, as a gay couple in North Carolina discovered a threatening note on its windshield reading: “Can’t wait until your ‘marriage’ is overturned by a real president. Gay families – burn in hell! #Trump2016.”