On Sunday, the IDF will launch a drill in the Golan Heights despite the recent tensions between Syria and Israel. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit clarified that the drill was planned in advance. Another military exercise will also be conducted this morning in the Jordan Valley.

IDF soldiers

IDF soldiers Photo Credit: Ron Kedem/Channel 2 News

Despite the tensions along the Israeli-Syrian border, an IDF drill will begin in the Golan Heights this morning (Sunday). The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stressed that the exercise was planned in advance and is not a response to the recent developments along Israel’s northern border. In addition, a military drill will also take place this morning in the Jordan Valley.

The Golan Heights exercise will conclude later this week. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit added that the drill was designed to maintain the IDF forces’ level of readiness.

Yesterday, an IDF tank fired warning shots at a Syrian military post. No significant damage or injuries were reported. The incident occurred after the Syrian Army set up an outpost in the demilitarized zone, violating the ceasefire agreement.