In Northern Israel, two men robbed a post office clerk at gunpoint and escaped the scene without any complications.

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Two robbers entered this past Sunday a post office in the city of Tamra in Northern Israel. Without any disturbance, they approached the clerk and stole thousands of shekels from her at gunpoint. With the same ease with which they entered, the two left the post office and rode away on their motorcycles.

In a security video obtained by Channel 2 News, the two robbers are seen as they enter the post office and threaten the clerk with a gun until she submits, giving them thousands of shekels. The two are then seen walking out without being stopped.

“It is scary how easily they came into the office and threatened [her] with a gun,” said a witness who was there. “In just a few seconds, they stole thousands of shekels, threatened the clerk and got away.”