In a new report, Amnesty International details the persecution that the Rohingya minority in Myanmar’s Rakhine state is facing. The human rights organization added that government is imposing “dehumanizing restrictions” on the minority group.

Rohingya people fleeing Myanmar

Rohingya people fleeing Myanmar Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A new Amnesty International report has said that the authorities in Myanmar are carrying out policies that “amount to the crime against humanity of apartheid” amid the constant reports about the ethnic cleansing and genocide targeting the Rohingya minority in the country.

The report, titled “Caged without a roof,” provides background information about the wave of violence sweeping Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Over the past few months, the country’s security forces have killed thousands, set entire villages on fire and prompted over 600,000 to flee their homes and seek refuge in Bangladesh.

The report, which is based on two years of research, reveals the manner in which the authorities impose “dehumanizing restrictions” on the Rohingya people and confine them to ghettos, making it harder for them to receive medical aid and education.