While the Israeli security forces are getting ready to evacuate Amona residents from their homes, some young right-wing activists have crawled under one of the buildings. The young activists have barricaded themselves under the building. In an interview with Channel 2 News, one of the activists said: “We will not lay a hand on a police officer or soldier but we will grab onto the ground and not give up.”

Watch: Amona activists crawl under a building ahead of evacuation

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As reported earlier by JOL News, some right-wing activists and Amona residents have set up obstacles for the security forces that have been ordered to evacuate them. Channel 2 News correspondent Moshe Nussbaum found a group of young right-wing activists who crawled under one of the buildings in the outpost in order to resist the evacuation.

In an interview with Nussbaum, one of the activists said that they are waiting for the security forces. Mordechai added that there are between 5-6 additional people under the building with him. Mordechai mentioned that they have with them a few items that will hopefully slow the police officers down in getting them out from under the building. “We are not looking for violence,” stated Mordechai. “We are not looking for a violent struggle.”

“We will not lay a hand on a police officer or soldier but we will hold onto the ground and not let go because this is our land,” continued Mordechai. “The land of Israel needs to belong to the people of Israel.”

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