Israeli security forces are still evacuating Amona while nearly 400 youths who gathered in the outpost were removed. As of now, 30 families have been removed, 24 police officers have been slightly injured and 13 civilians have been arrested for disturbing the peace and assaulting officers.

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Since the beginning of the Amona evacuation operation, which is still being conducted, 24 Israel Police officers have been slightly injured. Some were transported to hospitals while the majority were released after receiving medical treatment. A total of 400 civilians who gathered at the outpost have been removed by bus.

30 homes have been evacuated and 30 families living on the outpost have been removed. Since the start of the evacuation, 13 civilians have been arrested for disturbing the peace, assaulting officers and preventing officers from performing their duties.

As reported earlier by JOL, the Israeli High Court of Justice judges ruled against the Amona compromise, according to which some of the residents were supposed to move to plots of land near the outpost. The judges accepted the petitioners’ stance, which claims that the nearby land to which the Israeli government planned to move the Amona residents belongs to Palestinians.