The operation in Amona began this morning after Israeli security forces waited for hours outside of the outpost. Police officers entered the outpost where almost 1,000 right-wing activists and residents are refusing to evacuate. Some protesters even threw stones at security forces at the scene.

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After hours of waiting outside the outpost, hundreds of police officers entered Amona. Over the night and early this morning (Wednesday), hundreds of right-wing activists flocked to the outpost in order to support the residents who are refusing to evacuate. According to assessments, about 1,000 right-wing activists and residents are in the outpost. Some have even barricaded themselves inside the homes. 

Several families with children left the outpost earlier today so that they would not be present during the evacuation. Some of the protesters are throwing stones at Israeli security forces at the scene. 20 protesters have been arrested so far for clashing with security forces. Several police officers were slightly injured when protesters sprayed a burning substance in their eyes.

At around 10:45 AM, the Israel Police announced that the law enforcement part of the evacuation operation has begun, 11 years after the outpost was evacuated for the first time. The Israel Police called on the residents to “be respectful” and tell the right-wing activists who do not live in the outpost to calm down.

Protesters in Amona

Protesters in Amona Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Earlier today, JOL reported that protesters were setting tires and trash cans on fire and blocking the entrance to the outpost. Inside the outpost, residents set up obstacles for the Israeli security forces. For instance, the entrance to the local synagogue has been blocked off.

“We are doing the maximum to ensure that this is a respectful protest that will express the great pain of the residents who were taken out of their homes after several decades,” said Avichai Baron, the head of the Amona campaign. “This day is a dark day and still we are doing everything so that the protest is respectful, moral and appropriate.”

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