Israeli security forces have surrounded the illegal outpost of Amona and are waiting for the order to evacuate the remaining residents. About a thousand residents and right-wing activists are at the scene prepared to resist the evacuation. Some of them are setting tires on fire and throwing stones at police officers.

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After a tense night, police forces are preparing to enter Amona this morning (Wednesday). Amona residents and right-wing activists are setting tires and trash cans on fire and blocking the entrance to the outpost. About a thousand young people are preparing to resist the evacuation. Some protesters even threw stones at Israeli security forces. According to assessments, the order to evacuate the outpost will be given within the next few hours after the Israeli Defense Minister approves it.

Israeli security forces have ordered the residents to evacuate on their own while they still have time. Eventually, police officers will enter the outpost and remove all the residents who are refusing to evacuate. Amona residents received a message from the outpost headquarters this morning about how to act during the evacuation. According to the message, the young protesters should try to make the evacuation last as long as possible and even tie themselves to furniture. In addition, they were told to record the evacuation on camera.

Amona, today

Amona, today Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash 90

However, a message was announced via the outpost loudspeaker, calling on the protesters to only passively resist the evacuation. The leaders of the outpost promised that the evacuation will not lead to violence. The residents are currently waiting for a response from the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the government’s relocation plan for the outpost. If the plan is approved by the Israeli Supreme Court, the residents will be allowed to move to adjacent land plots near the Amona hill. If the plan is rejected, the resistance is expected to increase.

About 3,000 officers have been mobilized for the evacuation operation. As reported yesterday by JOL, an eviction notice was sent to the residents of Amona on Monday, informing them that they have 48 hours to leave their homes.


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Security forces near Amona, today

Security forces near Amona, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News