Many news agencies around the world ignored the Amona evacuation. Moreover, some of the news agencies that covered the event chose to focus more on the thousands of housing units that were approved by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the past two weeks.

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While most of the news coverage in Israel yesterday was focused on Amona, news agencies abroad barely reported about the evacuation operation. In many countries, the evacuation was not even mentioned. Moreover, the news agencies that did cover the Amona topic chose to focus more on the Israeli government’s decision to continue construction in the West Bank.

Al Jazeera focused on the Palestinian side of the issue and recorded the Amona evacuation from the viewpoint of a Palestinian who owns part of the land upon which the outpost is located. “They are evacuating the outpost but preparing nearby Palestinian land to transfer them to there,” the Palestinian claimed in the Al Jazeera report. “This isn’t a solution. We want them to leave all Palestinian-owned land.”

The Amona evacuation, yesterday

The Amona evacuation, yesterday Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Other foreign new agencies chose to focus on the continued Israeli construction in the West Bank and avoided presenting the evacuation as a positive move. “Israel evicts Amona settlers as 3,000 new homes approved elsewhere,” read the title of the Guardian report. CNN’s title of the article about Amona was: “Israel to build entirely new settlement in West Bank.” The title of the Russian news agency RT’s report about Amona and the West Bank was: “Minister vows ‘new settlements’ & ‘Israeli sovereignty all over West Bank’ after Amona eviction.”

The CNN report

The CNN report Photo Credit: Screenshot of the CNN website/Channel 2 News

While Israeli news agencies reported that there were only passive protests reported, the Independent chose to focus on the clashes between police and Amona residents. “Police evictions of illegal West Bank settlers met with violent protests from Israelis,” was the title of the article. Euronews quoted a right-wing MK who wrote on Twitter: “We lost the battle for Amona but we are winning the campaign for the Land of Israel.”

However, a few news agencies focused on the evacuation itself. Fox News chose the title: “Commotion as Israeli security forces clear West Bank settlement.” Fox News reporter Yonat Friling sounded very knowledgeable about the matter when she wrote that the first evacuation of the outpost took place 11 years ago. The BBC news report also focused on Amona’s history. The BBC reporter wrote that some of the residents have been living there for the past 20 years.

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