After entering into the Amona outpost, hundreds of Israeli security forces went from house to house in order to evacuate right-wing activists and residents who barricaded themselves in homes. Four have been arrested and 16 police officers were slightly injured. After an Israel Police leadership assessment, it was decided to continue the evacuation into the night.

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After entering the Amona outpost, Israeli security forces began forcibly removing dozens of youths who barricaded themselves inside the outpost homes. In some cases, the right-wing activists alongside several Amona residents chained themselves and utilized handcuffs in order to hamper the evacuation. Right-wing activists continue fighting police officers by shoving and throwing objects towards them. Four activists have been arrested and 15 Israeli Police officers were slightly injured after a burning substance was sprayed in their eyes. Israel Police leadership convened this evening (Wednesday) and decided to continue evacuating the barricaded residents into the night.

As reported earlier today by JOL, masked Amona residents and right-wing activists threw stones at Israeli security forces and set tires on fire. The activists and residents who barricaded themselves placed obstacles around them in an attempt to slow down the evacuation process. The activists even cursed at the police officers and called for them to disobey orders.

“We must distinguish between the settlers that live here and the activists who came here,” Israel Police Spokeswoman Merav Lapidot explained. “We have been in dialogue for many months with the settlers that live in Amona, who expressed a willingness towards a consensual evacuation and have already left with their children. However, there are anarchists who do not even live here.”

“Despite the violence and stress utilized towards them, the police officers are exercising with maximum restraint,” Lapidot added. “However, circumstances in which violence is used towards the police officers, we will respond accordingly. We planned for this with organized mental preparations and we have experience from previous evacuations.”