After the new plan for the Amona evacuation was presented to them, the residents of the outpost gathered in order to determine whether they will accept it. According to the plan, they will receive five plots of land on the same hill as their current outpost as long as they agree to leave their homes willingly.

Amona residents protesting

Amona residents protesting Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Amona residents gathered this morning (Wednesday) in order to discuss their positions and concerns regarding the new evacuation plan that was presented to them recently.

Two days ago, Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi members showed them the new plan, which offers the residents five plots of land that will be designated for them. These plots, which are located on the same hill as Amona, are supposed to be ready by the evacuation date as long as they agree to willingly leave their current homes.

However, the residents are afraid that the process will take longer than expected. After reviewing the plan, the residents saw that the state asked for a month in order to prepare four of the plots. The residents fear that the process of preparing the plots will take longer and they will not be able to appeal to delay the evacuation because they said they would leave willingly.

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