Father bestows “educational punishment” on his 11-year-old son, forcing him to sleep for a month on a warehouse floor without heating or a mattress, and to use a bucket for a toilet

Slept for a month in a warehouse. Illustration photo

Slept for a month in a warehouse. Illustration photo Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Netivot resident in his 60’s is suspected of abusing his 11-year-old son, forcing him to sleep on the floor of a warehouse outside his house for a month as an “educational lesson”.

The Netivot police arrested the father yesterday following a complaint filed by the boy’s mother, the suspect’s divorcee. During the investigation it was revealed that the father had forced his son to sleep in a warehouse outside their house without a mattress, with only one blanket, and with a bucket for a toilet, which the father emptied daily.

The suspect admitted to committing the allegations with which he was charged, and explained that he abused his child after consulting his second wife, who had suggested he come up with an “educational punishment” for the boy’s behavior, which included going off at night to steal money.

His wife at the moment was also summoned by the police investigators. “I tried to help the boy, but every time my husband saw me by the warehouse he would push and beat me”, she said. The wife added that during their six years of marriage, her husband often acted violently towards their mutual children.

The suspect was brought to court today. The police will request to prolong his arrest.