Avram first contacted Operation Exodus USA in October regarding he and his family’s plans to make Aliyah. These are the letters he sent to the organization.

At the Time They Were a Family of Four

“We are ardent Zionists. We feel that HaShem has called all of the Jewish people to return to Israel and rebuild the land. My two older children from a previous marriage have already made Aliyah.  We wish our children to grow up in the land that G-d has promised them and to feel that primary connection. I love the United States. My family has sent soldiers to every American war from the civil war to Vietnam. But now, it is time for us to go and build G-d’s house.”

Soon After, Their Daughter Was Born

“Our baby came and we are euphoric (though tired). I feel a bit like Avraham our father, who received the blessing of a child in his old age.  She came Christmas day; the first day of Hanukkah.  Her name is Shiraz Esther. This means ”a secret hidden song.’’  Shir means song, raz means secret, and Esther comes from the term Hester Panim G-d’s hidden name.

In the book of Esther there is no mention of G-d’s name, But the power of G-d runs all through the book.  The rabbi’s asked why? This book is about G-d’s hidden face, so he is there, but must be looked for.”

A Year Later, Just Before Avram and His Family Left for Israel

”We live in a time of miracles. It is true that miracles are always around us, but now, in these days, the Holy One is, I believe, being very clear and straight forward. It is an exciting time. A time of fear, but also great joy as we see G-d’s plan unfolding.

I have been blessed with 5 children. Like Abraham, I have been blessed with a final child in my old age.  I cannot describe the great, overwhelming joy I feel to lead my family back into the promised land. My love for America is very great, but like a lamb, I and my family must respond to the Shepherd’s call and you, my friend, have been instrumental in making this happen.”

Operation Exodus USA is a Christian organization that exists to assist the Jewish people immigrating to Israel. They are affiliated with Ebenezer Emergency Fund International, a ministry started in the United Kingdom in 1991 by Gustav Scheller. In 2018 Operation Exodus USA Aliyah had assisted 805 individuals and families in making their dreams come true

To learn more about Operation Exodus USA, visit their website at www.AliyahUsa.com or ask your Jewish Agency Shliach