Despite disclaimers in the western media, the sexual jihad in Syria and perhaps also in Tunisia is a reality. It is reported that countless women are sleeping with numerous Islamist fighters in exchange for spiritual rewards.

Yesterday, BBC World News reported that Tunisian women have been arrested for partaking in a sexual jihad in both Syria and Tunisia.   The Tunisian Interior Minister stressed that the women, some of them as young as 17, offered their bodies sexually to battle-weary Islamists as part of a campaign to improve morale both in the Chaimbi Mountains of Tunisia, where Al Qaeda terrorists are battling the Tunisian government, and within Syria, a country divided by a civil war, with the Alawite led government battling both Sunni Islamists, some of which are linked to Al Qaeda, and secular rebel forces, such as the Free Syrian Army.  

 These arrests within the North African country come after Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi bin Jido last month announced, “Tunisian girls are swapped between 20, 30, and 100 rebels and they come back bearing the fruit of sexual contacts in the name of sexual jihad and we are silent doing nothing and standing idle.”   It was reported that some Tunisian women have returned to their country pregnant, after partaking in a sexual jihad in Syria.  

 There are individuals who deny that a sexual jihad is presently taking place in Syria.   The German Der Spiegel publication ran an article referring to the sexual jihad as a “deliberate misinformation campaign.”   They claimed that the sexual jihad is “a secret and elaborately staged effort to sow doubt and confusion — and divert attention away from the Syrian government’s own crimes.”  There is one major issue with this accusation, however, and that is that numerous videos have appeared on the internet of women confessing to have partaken in the sexual jihad.

 Raymond Ibrahim, a well known Middle East expert, has translated a full video of testimonies of women confessing to being sexual jihadists.   According to the video documentation, “Checking medically several women that went back, we noticed when we spoke about the sex encounter, they all mentioned that it was an unnatural encounter (anal sex), and when we checked one woman’s body, we found some bruises on her body; we found that in her vagina there was a lot of tissue and a lot of bad secretion, as well as a lot of infections inside her uterus, which indicated that she had a lot of sex with different people.”   He concluded, “It was very obvious.   And when we examined her anal area, there was a lot of irritation which meant that she had anal sex more than once.”

 Many women were tricked into taking part in the sexual jihad after being falsely led to believe that they would receive spiritual rewards for doing it.   Video recordings of the sexual incidents are often taken so a woman wouldn’t report them if she later on has regrets about it.   Other women, however, were forced to engage in the sexual jihad against their will. 

 One young woman confessed, “While I was taking a shower, a man came in and he was over the age of 50.  He started to come close to me in the bathroom.  I started screaming and yelling, so he grabbed me by the hair and took me to the room.   My father could hear me but he never hesitated to do any thing or come to take the man away.  He did what he did, unstrapped, and at the same time, another man came in.”   She eventually became unconscious after being raped non-stop.  Upon gaining consciousness, she asked her father why he didn’t help her out and he responded to her that it was considered a good deed, jihad, what she did.   Her father essentially forced her to become a sexual jihadist against her will, until she managed to escape from her family.  

 This young woman wasn’t the only one to make such a confession.   Stories like these can be found all over the internet.   Given this, it is safe to assume that the sexual jihad is a reality within Syria as we speak.   It also may exist as well in the Chaimbi Mountains of Tunisia.   In a part of the world where honor is every thing and women are often murdered for staining their family’s reputations, it’s hard to imagine that it is possible to get more valid proof than this.