The IDF contacted angel psychic Aline Shlomo after she posted on Facebook that one of the angels that she communicates with sent her information regarding the missing soldier Guy Hever. She was then summoned to IDF Camp Rabin in order to tell her story and to provide information that eventually led to ground searching.

Missing IDF soldier Guy Hever

Missing IDF soldier Guy Hever Photo Credit: Guy Hever website/Channel 2 News

The Israeli security establishment conducts enormous efforts in order to track down missing soldiers, including Guy Hever. As reported earlier this week by JOL, targeted searches were renewed for the soldier, who when missing from his base in the Golan Heights in August of 1997. Today (Thursday) on the last day of searches, it seems that the IDF has been utilizing special methods throughout the years in an attempt to locate Hever, including a woman who communicates with angels.

In 2010, angel psychic Aline Shlomo from Holon posted on Facebook that one of the angels that she communicates with sent her information regarding missing IDF soldier Guy Hever’s burial place, despite the fact that Hever’s fate is unknown to the IDF and he has not been declared a fallen soldier.

Angel psychic Aline Shlomo

Angel psychic Aline Shlomo Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“I arrived to the meeting at Camp Rabin in Tel Aviv and I recounted the message that I received for the unit’s staff,” Shlomo said. According to Shlomo, the angel revealed to her that Hever was kidnapped and buried in Northern Israel. “I told them everything. I outlined the path for them from his base to the very same place [he was buried].”

Shlomo, who claims to be unfamiliar with navigation, opened up a map and said that she followed with the unit’s staff step by step. “When I pointed to the place, the unit’s staff were simply astonished,” she recalls. “They crosschecked the information that I gave them with other information they possessed that was yet to be released. They were really shocked.”

“Any information handed to the IDF regarding the matter is seriously examined. The information provided by the aforementioned was examined and did not direct towards a lead,” The IDF Spokesperson Unit released in a statement. “The IDF is deeply committed to missing soldiers and their families. We will continue searching for all of those missing.”