Summer fun for STEM wizard kids

Summer fun for STEM wizard kids

Gifted children make up a small percentage of the school population, yet many schools have yet to establish the tools to engage, train and challenge them sufficiently. Though they may manage in the short term, in the long term, the educational system is doing a disservice to thousands of kids by neglecting to challenge them sufficiently. A customized program has been created at a school in the Naale Elite Academy menu, which was established for just this purpose.

Naale Elite Academy is a unique program, established with the goal of providing Jewish high school students worldwide with an opportunity to complete high school in Israel on a full scholarship. As a result, Jewish teens on the program achieve academic excellence and independence in an immersive Hebrew-speaking environment. The program’s participating schools can be described as a cross section of Israel, meaning that there’s something for everyone.

Addressing the lack of support for gifted students around the world, World ORT and Naale created the Anières Elite Academy program, located in the Nahalal Youth Village, to provide gifted students with the highest quality education in science, technology, engineering, math—even robophysics! Students can take classes at the Technion while still in high school, and then continue toward a degree in engineering, post-graduation. Anières is the dream school for any teenager with a passion for STEM subjects—not to mention that there is a huge draw in the fact that it’s free.

Naturally, gifted children also need trained, supportive teachers. At Anières, students get the chance to study with an exceptional team who have undergone intensive training at the Technion; they educate, inspire and keep up with the daily tech development that is required of them. Indeed, the Anières faculty is so dedicated to nurturing the brightest minds that they have committed to sponsoring ten scholarships for 7th-8th graders—who aren’t yet eligible for their program—to spend the summer at Israel’s top STEM camp, BIG IDEA.

BIG IDEA is the international camp in Israel for creative and curious teens who love life, fun and hanging out with like-minded peers. For the last 11 years, thousands of children ages 7-18 have travelled to Israel for the BIG IDEA. They make friends from all over the world and participate in more than 40 tech workshops, against the beautiful backdrop of the Carmel mountain range. The children tour advanced technology centers and meet with entrepreneurs to hear about unique contributions to the Start-up Nation dynamic.

BIG IDEA is where children are free to express themselves, think out of the box, take chances and create! It is the empowering, meaningful and intellectual summer experience that will jumpstart a child’s inclination for the world of tech and engineering like no other.

Anières Elite Academy believes that exceptional young minds deserve the BIG IDEA and intelligent children from underprivileged families shouldn’t be precluded from the chance of a lifetime experience. Anieres’s collaboration with BIG IDEA is part of its vision to be a launch pad for a bright future.