Several thousand have gathered in Tel Aviv for the seventh annual SlutWalk march. The protesters are accusing the law enforcement authorities of victim blaming and lightheadedness when dealing with sex crimes.

Tel Aviv, today

Tel Aviv, today Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Thousands gathered today in Tel Aviv for the annual SlutWalk march. This is the seventh time that the march has taken place in Israel. In the past years, the march has become a main event that protests sexual violence and victim blaming. Protesters are also accusing the Israeli law enforcement authorities of being lightheaded when dealing with sex crimes.

Female protesters marched while holding banners with pictures of known Israeli sex offenders, such as former military general Ofek Buchris, Alon Castiel, former President Moshe Katzav and Rabbi Eliezer Berland. Several speeches were given during the march, including a speech given by Irad Martziano Zeiger, who exposed the Alon Castiel affair.

“The Sharmutot March” is the name of the annual event Hebrew. The Arabic word “sharmutah” is a common offensive and humiliating term used against women. One of the march organizers, head of the Kulan feminist association Bracha Barad, has said: “The word ‘sharmutah’ is not just a word used to humiliate women, it is used by society and the establishment to justify rape.”

“There is no connection between gender and sexual violence and there is no connection between the victim’s appearance and the attack she has been through,” she added. “We demand justice and a radical change in the establishment.”