After reading the article published by Danielle Berrin in which she claimed that she was sexually harassed by a senior-level Israeli journalist who was later revealed as Haaretz’s Ari Shavit, another American journalist – Avital Chizhik from Yeshiva University – claimed on twitter that the “almost-exact story” happened to her.

“The almost-exact story happened to me.

“The almost-exact story happened to me.” Chizhik Photo Credit: Twitter / Channel 2 News

After earlier this week American journalist Danielle Berrin claimed that she was sexually harassed by a senior-level Israeli journalist, another American journalist now claims that she was also harassed by someone from the Israeli media industry.

“The almost-exact story happened to me years ago with another Israeli media personality,” tweeted Avital Chizhik, a Journalism professor at Yeshiva University whose work has been featured in Haaretz and Tablet, adding a link to the article published by Berrin on the Jewish Journal in which she revealed her story.

In another tweet, Chizhik addressed the response of Haaretz journalist Ari Shavit, who apologized for the incident in which he allegedly sexually assaulted Berrin, claiming that he didn’t think at the time that what he did constituted sexual harassment but was rather part of a romantic pursuit. “Shavit didn’t realize it was sexual harassment,” she wrote. “I guess the English ‘no’ was unclear.”

Shavit and Berrin

Shavit and Berrin Photo credit: Hadas Porush, Flash 90 / Channel 2 News

Hours after Berrin’s accusations against Shavit were made without mentioning his name, the Israeli journalist published an apology on the Haaretz website. “Over a year and a half ago, in February 2014, I met Ms. Berrin for an interview in Los Angeles,” he wrote. “Now I sadly realize that I completely misinterpreted the interaction between the two of us in that meeting.”

“Up until reading the article she published, I sincerely thought we had had a friendly encounter which included elements of romance. I never thought of it as sexual harassment,” Shavit added. “But what I viewed as being romantic, Berrin viewed as inappropriate, harassing behavior on my part.”

“As someone who respects every man and woman, and as someone who is appalled by sexual harassment, I wish to apologize from the bottom of my heart for this misunderstanding,” he concluded. “I did not mean to do anything that was against Ms. Berrin’s consent, and I certainly did not mean to make her uncomfortable or hurt her feelings.”