The IDF’s retaliation on Hamas has once again awakened the anti-Israeli propagandists.

On Monday morning, residents of the English capital were able to find posters on bus stops saying: “Israel’s killing children again. Enjoy your weekend”.

The sad truth is that anti-Israel is tied to the hip with anti-Semitism

In a 2018 survey carried out in England and Europe that was published by the Guardian, showed that 75% of Jewish people in the UK perceived antisemitism to be generally a very big or fairly big problem, up from 48% in 2012, with 29% having considered emigrating. It also found that 89% of British Jews say antisemitism has increased in the six years since the last survey.

A similar survey in regards to the Holocaust was carried out in England by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. According to the survey, one in five Englishmen also claimed that less than two million Jews had died in the Holocaust and half of all respondents said they did not know how many Jews had died.