Less than one year after the UNESCO resolution emphasizing only a Muslim connection to the Old City and only the Arabic names of sites in Jerusalem, the Palestinians will submit a proposal next week with softer wording.

The scene of the next fight

The scene of the next fight Photo Credit: Serge Attal/Flash90

After the UNESCO committee approved the controversial resolution last year that doubts the Jewish people’s connection to the Western Wall, another proposition will be voted upon next week that could create a storm but, this version is a bit softened. The proposition, which will be presented to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, was proposed by Arab countries on behalf of the Palestinians and it will not mention the holy sites in Jerusalem solely with their Arabic names.

The new proposal was changed following the last year’s resolution and is based on the version adopted during the UNESCO Executive Committee’s last voting but, al-Aqsa, Haram al-Sharif nor Buraq Plaza are mentioned. Furthermore, the proposal emphasizes “the importance of the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls to the three monotheistic religions.”

According to the Israeli UNESCO representatives, the withdrawals being conducted by the Palestinians and their allies within the proposal stem from being pressured by countries who once supported them and have begun supporting Israel and opposing the resolutions. On the other hand, the new version does attack Israeli sovereignty of Jerusalem.