At least three people were arrested for attacking anti-government protesters in central and southern Israel overnight, Haaretz reported on Sunday.

The newspaper said that a 20-year-old was detained on suspicion of stabbing a demonstrator in the neck in Sha’ar HaNegev (southern Israel), while the police are looking for other suspects. The man who was stabbed said there were at least 15 attackers who specifically targeted the protesters.

Another man was arrested in Tel Aviv’s suburb for mace-spraying a demonstrator, and the third suspect was arrested in Jerusalem for attacking another anti-Netanyahu protester near the premier’s residence.

On Saturday evening, more than 5,000 people gathered outside Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem and were forcefully dispersed only by Sunday morning. Police used water cannons.

On Thursday, over 50 people were detained outside the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem. According to Haaretz, the rally escalated into clashes with police, and law enforcement officers used water cannons to disperse a group of demonstrators who tried to head to the city centre.

Mass demonstrations against Netanyahu have been ongoing over the past several weeks, with protesters demanding that the prime minister resign over corruption charges and the coronavirus response. Many of them were seen carrying signs that read, “Bibi, Go Home”.g