Stung by global criticism, this week Marvel Comics removed the anti-Semitic comic strip from its Immortal Hulk comic’s latest issue.

The issue, released last week, was criticized after some readers found that one panel featured the character Joe Fixit, in charge of the body of Bruce Banner, walking into a jewelry store.

The name of the shop is seen in reverse on the window above a Star of David, “Cronemberg Jewery”. “The only conceivable interpretation, to put it frankly, is that this is a visual play on the old and anti-Semitic trope of Jews running the diamond business.” It described the panel as “an incredibly overt anti-Semitic do whistle,” the website site ComicsXF said.

The artist of the issue, Joe Bennett, immediately apologized on Facebook, writing that throughout the series he had included references to famous horror movie directors and that in issue 43 he had planned to feature a nod to David Cronenberg. He said that the misspellings of jewelry and Cronenberg were “an honest but terrible mistake” because he was writing backward, but he stressed that he had “no excuse” for the Star of David’s inclusion.