Shortly after he received the required number of delegates to win the Republican nomination, Donald Trump continues to draw fire and spark riots. Anti-Trump protesters clashed with Trump supporters in San Diego, California last night. 35 people were arrested.

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Last night (Friday), one of the largest anti-Trump protests took place in San Diego, California. Around 1,000 anti-Trump activists participated in the protest. They marched together, denouncing the Republican candidate’s initiatives, especially his plan to build a wall that will prevent Mexican migrants from entering the US.

San Diego is located near the border of the US and Mexico and known for being heavily populated by both Hispanics and Americans. Trump was in San Diego for a campaign rally in preparation for the upcoming California primary. Outside of the convention center where Trump was speaking, the anti-Trump protesters gathered, waved American and Mexican flags, denounced Trump and his controversial politics and even burned the Republican candidate’s campaign signs.

The anti-Trump protest was held at the same place where pro-Trump supporters were gathering. Dozens of police officers separated the two crowds. At one point, a large clash broke out between supporters, protesters and police officers. As a result, 35 people were arrested.