Among the cartoons published in the Arab and Iranian press are cartoons of antisemitic character. These contain a number of recurring themes: they often represent the Jews as long-nosed characters of ultra-orthodox appearance, as the killers of Christ, as serpents or as Nazi soldiers. In addition, Jews are portrayed as having pervasive control and power, and as conspirators and instigators of wars, who are out to rule the world.


The Jew as a Serpent

Cartoon No. 1:

Source: Oman (Oman)

Cartoon No. 2: The mice in the snake’s mouth represent Fatah and Hamas. The snake is saying “imagine how they must be fighting each other in there.'”

Source: Akhbar Al-Yawm (Egypt)

Cartoon No. 3:

Source: Al-Gomhouriyya (Egypt)

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