According to documents obtained by the AP, the bullet that hit Ibrahim Abu Thraya’s head killed him. The IDF investigation conducted after the violent events along the border with Gaza two weeks ago indicated that the IDF soldiers did not use live fire and it is unclear whether Abu Thraya died from the riot dispersion methods.

Palestinian rioter slings stones at IDF forces on Gaza border

Palestinian rioter slings stones at IDF forces on Gaza border Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar/Flash90

In contrast to the IDF investigation conducted two days ago following a deadly incident along the border with Gaza, a medical report obtained by the Associated Press (AP) determined that Ibrahim Abu Thraya, the paraplegic Palestinian from Gaza, died from a bullet striking his head. Abu Thraya died during the violent riots that occurred along Israel’s border with Gaza the week after US President Donald Trump declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

The Palestinians blamed Israel for Abu Thraya’s death, but the IDF rebuffed the accusations, claiming that it is impossible to determine what caused Abu Thraya’s death. According to the medical report, Abu Thraya died after significant bleeding in his brain after a bullet hit just above his left eye.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released an official statement: “The report was obtained this afternoon from the media and will be studied and examined over the next few days.”

The IDF investigation, presented last week to Southern Command Chief Gen. Eyal Zamir, concluded that the soldiers did not use live fire at any point during the riots and therefore, it is unclear whether Abu Thraya died from the IDF soldiers’ use of riot dispersion methods. The investigation emphasized that the area in which Abu Thraya was located was violent, extremely crowded and contained thousands of rioters during the riots that broke out along the Gaza Strip.

The rioters and protesters threw stones, explosives and tires set afire towards IDF soldiers. The initial investigation conducted following the incident did not find any ethical or professional slips in the security forces’ field conduct and Zamir applauded the soldiers’ discretion and restraint.