Canadian Police announced that Barry and Honey Sherman, who were found dead in their Toronto home in December, were in fact murdered. According to the local law enforcement, the suspect who murdered the billionaire couple has not yet been apprehended.

Barry and Honey Sherman

Barry and Honey Sherman Photo Credit: UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Facebook

The Toronto Police Services announced on Friday that Barry and Honey Sherman, who were found dead in their home in December, were in fact murdered. The local law enforcement added that the murder was not random and that the couple was specifically targeted.

The couple’s bodies were found in their northern Toronto home after the police received an emergency phone call. Shortly prior to the murder, the couple put their home up for sale. Their realtor arrived to their home in order to plan for an open house and found the two lying dead on the floor.

As reported in December by JOL, the Toronto Police Services stated that the autopsy reports show that Jewish billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, were strangled. “The cause of death for both deceased was ligature neck compression,” the Toronto Police Services said in a statement.

It was previously reported that their deaths were being investigated as a murder-suicide, a report that their family rejected. The couple’s four children later released a statement. “Our parents shared an enthusiasm for life and commitment to their family and community totally inconsistent with the rumors regrettably circulated in the media as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths,” they said in the statement.