The newest device, which will have no home button and a stronger, wirelessly-chargable battery, will cost no less than $999.

The iPhone X

The iPhone X Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the company’s newest development, the iPhone X, during its annual event on Tuesday.

The iPhone X, pronounced “iPhone Ten,” will feature facial recognition technology, will be bezel-less, meaning with no borders around its display, and for the first time will no longer feature the familiar “home” button.

Instead of the “home” button, users will be able to wake up the device or close apps just by swiping up on the screen. In order to reach Siri, users will either press and hold the power button or say “hey Siri.”

The price of the iPhone X will be $999, making it the most expensive iPhone to date. It will start shipping November 3.

Cook also promised that it will have a much stronger battery that can be charged wirelessly.