Israeli police investigated car vandalism in Jit in the West Bank. Cars were vandalized with the slogans “Transfer now” and “Death to Arabs.” The attacks come after a wave of terror in the West Bank and the recent release of an Israeli who served three years for committing arson at a bilingual school in Jerusalem.

Car vandalism in Jit

Car vandalism in Jit Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter

On Tuesday, six cars in Jit in the West Bank were discovered having been vandalized with the slogans “Death to Arabs” and “Transfer now” spray-painted on them. The attacks come a day after a car in Silwan had its tires slashed and was also vandalized with the message: “Greetings from Itamar.”

The attacks in Jit took place on Monday evening and were discovered on Tuesday morning. The attack from Tuesday can be attributed to the release of Yitzchak Gabbay, who served for three years for arson at an Arabic-Hebrew bilingual school in Jerusalem.

The attack in Silwan is likely a response to the attack from last month in which Palestinian terrorists dressed as soldiers and attempted to infiltrate the West Bank city of Itamar. Israeli police went to Jit to investigate and assess the situation, yet have not arrested those responsible for the crimes.

Surveillance footage reveals that the vandals were indeed Jews likely from the West Bank, due to the yellow Israeli license plate caught on video footage; Palestinian license plates are white. The attacks come after two Israelis were murdered in the West Bank area in the past two months.