An Arab-Israeli citizen residing in Tel Aviv was surprised to discover that false messages were distributed with his picture, claiming that he was a terrorist and that the Israeli Security Agency was trying to arrest him.

Abu al-Hawa

Abu al-Hawa Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Approximately a year and a half after an Arab-Israeli citizen was forced to deal with racism in the building where he lived, it is happening to him again. Lately, Tel Aviv resident Ziad Abu al-Hawa received messages from friends telling him of false messages distributed online with his picture, calling the public to catch him as he is a terrorist.

29-year-old Abu al-Hawa was surprised to learn that according to the messages, it was no less that the Israeli Shin Bet who were calling the public to turn him in to the police and even use a weapon if necessary. “I was shocked,” he told Channel 2 Online news. “I’m not going to work today and hoping that everything will cool down. I constantly get hate messages on my personal cellphone- people wishing me death because I’m an Arab, because I’m gay or because I’m a social activist. People think I should be grateful because I don’t live in Gaza where I’d be murdered.”

The group in which the announcement was made against Abu Al-Hawa was first created in the Telegram instant messaging application, which has thousands of users. The administrator of the group calls its members to send him names of Arabs and he will publish them in his name.