The family of a young 28-year-old from Wadi Ara claimed that their relative tragically died while fighting battles between rebel forces that asked for his participation a number of weeks before and President Assad’s Army.

Family mourns in Nazareth

Family mourns in Nazareth Photo Credit: Al Arab Website

Did the Civil War in Syria on Tuesday take the life of a young Israeli?  The family of a resident of Wadi Ara, age 28, claims that they received the bitter news of the death of their relative.   According to his family, he left for Syria a number of weeks ago in order to fight for the rebels.   No official source reported a confirmation.  

 The family claims that they received a picture of their slain relative, and claim that it was their relative who tragically died during violent clashes between opposition forces and Assad’s soldiers in the divided state.  “It is very difficult to hear this news,” they said.   “Especially because he was killed far from his family.”  However, it should be noted that this is not the first time that an Israeli left the country in order to fight with the rebels against Assad.

 Earlier today, a Nazareth’s Magistrate Court sentenced Hatem Yasin and Mohammed Salah, residents of Jaljulia and Tamra, to 19 months imprisonment following being convicted of helping prisoners possessing life sentences escape to freedom and another man to cross the border and escape into Syria.

 Nazareth Family: Our relative was killed in a chemical weapons attack in Syria

 Last month, the Wakid family from Nazareth opened a mourning tent in their home, after claiming that 18 of their relatives living in Syria were killed in a chemical weapons attack conducted by Assad’s army.   News arrived to the family yesterday that one of their relatives is in Jordan.   

 “One of the brothers is still alive and he buried them, and he reported the shocking news and then they were updated,” Ahmed Wakid, age 52, who is one of the relatives that lives in Nazareth, told Channel 2 News internet edition.  According to his claims, they couldn’t escape from there because they were defined as refugees and they didn’t have another passport, after claiming to be expelled from 1948 Israel.  Since then, they live in a neighborhood at a distance of 15 kilometers from Damascus.

 Some of the Israeli relatives are third generation and some of them are brothers.   “In the past, we met with some of them in Jordan; it is terrible that they were killed by chemical weapons,” he continued.  “We do not know who to turn to and what simply to do with this horror—such a large number of people were killed in one family.”   Mourning tents were opened for three days and family members already hung outside a sign with the names of those killed.