MK Aida Touma-Sliman, from the Unified Arab List, slammed Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu for his efforts to encourage Palestinian emigration from Gaza by calling the action “ethnic cleansing”.

According to reports, a senior Israeli official has said the Israeli government supports the initiative and has even been willing to pay the costs of the migration. 70% of Gazans are living in poverty and the majority of the population is unemployed. More than 35,000 Gazans have already left the Palestinian enclave in 2018

“Yesterday we discovered that Netanyahu is planning on opening the gates of Gaza in order to carry out ethnic cleansing, to support the residents of Gaza to leave. Netanyahu deserves to be brought to justice at the International Criminal Court for all the crimes he has committed and intends to commit,” said Touma-Sliman.

The Arab MK also said that the Unified Arab List wants to provide citizens with “the opportunity to fight on your behalf against the occupation, against the crimes of the settlements and for the unrevealed US peace agreement”.

The four Arab parties Balad, Ram, Taal, and Hadash have joined together to form the Unified Arab List. According to several polls, they are expected to win 11 seats in this upcoming election.