In the very heart of Israel, just off one of the country’s busiest highways, archaeologists recently uncovered a massive prehistoric site used by early humans as early as half a million years ago.

Watch: The prehistoric site recently uncovered (Video Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority)

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Israeli archaeologists from the Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University have discovered an ancient site believed to be dated as far back as half a million years ago.

The site, located in the very heart of the country near the Arab town of Jaljulia and just off Highway 6, contains hundreds of tools the archaeologists believe were created by early humans.

The site

The site Photo Credit: Samuel Magal/Israel Antiquities Authority

Prof. Ran Barkai, a senior archaeology lecturer at Tel Aviv University, called the discovery “very interesting and very surprising.” “The site is buried under six meters of layers,” Barkai said. “Nobody knew of its existence.”

He added that the site was rich with water that came from a nearby stream. “It was a kind of prehistoric paradise. It had everything humans needed in order to live.”