ARSA Terrorist Organization

The ARSA terror group is linked to ISIS and has been implementing numerous human rights abuses against Hindus, Buddhists and other non-Muslims.

Is ARSA making inroads in the West?

On 15th January, 2019, according to the information published in various media outlets in Bangladesh, about 200,000 Rohingya went missing from the Rohingya refugee camps. Now the question remains, how did so many Rohingya go missing from the camps, and is there a connection between the missing Rohingya, who may be linked to Islamist terror groups, and the recently rigged election within Bangladesh?

Some Bangladeshis think that some Muslim Rohingya were given military training by the government of Bangladesh and were given fake passwords so that they could carry out terror operations. Myanmar President Aung San Suu Kyi said that Muslim Rohingya, who had been abandoned by Rakhine, underwent militant training in different places in Bangladesh, planning to attack again in Myanmar from Bangladesh. It is believed that the median age of the missing Rohingya is between age 12 and 25.

The terror organization ARSA constantly tortured the Hindu Rohingya of the area. Their aim was to free the Rakhine State from the Hindus and Buddhists, and to form another Muslim nation that will include the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, where indigenous non-Muslims are systematically persecuted. The terror organization ARSA often attacked the army and the police in Myanmar. Recently, many Buddhist religious people from Myanmar have started to come to Bangladesh due to the oppressed they face from the Rohingya Muslim rebels but the border has been sealed under the direct orders of Sheikh Hasina’s government, although the border was opened up completely due to the Rohingya Muslims in 2017. Many in Bangladesh claim that a number of Muslim Rohingya utilized illegal weapons in Bangladesh. In addition, a number of them are involved in prostitution, murder and forced disappearances within the country. Due to this, Muslim Rohingya refugees have already lost much sympathy among the citizens of Bangladesh.

It is to be noted that the Saudi government has decided to send back 700 Rohingya to Bangladesh in connection with various crimes. They claim that the Bangladeshi government created fake passports, which were used to send them to Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of Rohingya have already been sent back to Bangladesh and there are more than 250 people in the process. Similarly, there are reports of Rohingya being sent by Bangladesh to Australia utilizing fake passports.

How the Rohingya issue is connected to Bangladesh’s rigged election?

The Muslim Rohingya terror group ARSA are not the only ones going after non-Muslims. After the rigged election on December 30, 2018, there have been 35 cases of minority violence between January 1st and January 22nd, some of them targeting indigenous and Buddhist families. The victims were murdered, raped, gang-raped, faced rape attempts, suffered from arson attacks and the forced passion of their lands. Apart from this, after the rigged election, approximatly100 women have been victims of rape and gang-rape by Awami League activists and their supporters in different districts. On top of that, over 10 people were killed.

Transparency International said that they found irregularities in 47 of the 50 constituencies surveyed, including fake votes, ballot stuffing, and voters and opposition polling agents being barred from entering polling centers. It found the ruling party was alone in actively campaigning in all areas surveyed, sometimes with help from local law enforcement officials.

It is critical to note that the same government who is issuing fake passports to Rohingya ARSA rebels and is sending them abroad, has been behaving in an increasingly authoritarian matter. But by sending ARSA infiltrators to Saudi Arabia, Australia and other countries, the Bangladeshi government has demonstrated that they pose a threat not only to the Hindus, Buddhists and the future of Bangladeshi democracy but also to the free world. According to Indian intelligence reports, the Rohingya terrorists are linked to Al Qaeda, ISIS and Lashkar e-Toiba, the very same Pakistani terror group that was responsible for a series of terror attacks in Mumbai, India in 2008 that resulted in the massacre of 166 people. While so far there have not been ARSA terror attacks in the West, should a significant number successfully manage to infiltrate the West, who is to say that such attacks won’t happen in the future?

Reactions of various important people:

On January 3rd, Germany’s Foreign Secretary Norbert Rosen tweeted, “I am surprised to see the election rigging in Bangladesh.” On January 18, the United Nations Secretary-General said in connection with Bangladesh’s election that it is certain that Bangladesh’s election was not done properly; it was not perfect.

On January 19th, a crucial hearing on the issue was held at the US Congress. Congressman Brad Sherman, Chairman of the Asia and the Pacific Council of the US State Affairs and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabard said that there is a need for military intervention to prevent ongoing political deadlock in Bangladesh and to stop infringing human rights violations. Lisa Curtis, security adviser to the US President Donald Trump, said the Bangladesh government system has become completely ineffective.

An effective one-party government has been introduced into Bangladesh. European governments should firmly condemn this election. At the same time, the remaining democratic forces of Bangladesh should be supported. We want to encourage the political parties of the country to sit in a meaningful dialogue, so that the political situation becomes more positive.

Election observers regret their participation:

A top official at an observer group that monitored Bangladesh’s election, as well as one of its foreign volunteers, has said they regret participating in the process, casting doubt on the credibility of a vote won overwhelmingly by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ruling party. The president of the Saarc Human Rights Foundation told Reuters he now believed there should be a fresh vote after hearing accounts from voters and officials presiding over polling booths that activists from Awami League stuffed ballot boxes the night before the poll and intimidated voters.

“Now I have come to know everything, and can say that the election was not free and fair,” said Mohammad Abdus Salam, a former judge. A Canadian observer who was brought in by the foundation has also said she now wishes she had not been involved.

Since the so-called landslide victory of Sheikh Hasina on 30th December, numerous crimes have been organized on Bangladesh’s soil. In this situation, I want to urge world leaders that you must intervene to protect Bangladesh’s democracy at any cost.

Shipan Kumer Basu is the author and he is the President of the World Hindu Struggle Committee.